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Positive Pathways Program


 Juvenile Justice involved programs


P3 is a community– wide collaboration for the success of our youth.  Big Brothers Big Sisters P3 targets older youth ages 14-24 that have had a touch with Juvenile Justice System.  This program is intended to provide these youth with the support and guidance needed in order to be successful and prevent future Juvenile Justice Involvement. In addition to the great work of P3; KS BBBS also offers FACE FORWARD, a new program that will allow us to work with a specific focus on youth who are 16-24 years old and are diversion or expungement qualified; these youth will receive free legal services to help them through the diversion or expungement process in addition to all the supportive services offered through P3 programming.

Program Qualifications:

· Older Youth ages 14 to 24 years old

· Involvement with Juvenile Justice System (Past OR Present)

· No involvement with the Adult Justice System

Program Benefits:




Workforce Activities

Service Learning  

Continuing Education Opportunities

Coordinated Case Management   

Training Leading to Recognized Credentials

Program Requirements:

· Complete or have completed the BBBS JJ Program Referral and Release Form for Enrollment

· Weekly/Monthly communication between Coach, parent, mentor and mentee

· Demonstrates ability and willingness to find and maintain employment and /or  continuing education

· Demonstrates desire to be successful

To learn more about P3 contact: 

In Wichita
Naquela Pack 
P3 Youth Referral Form
In Topeka
Thaddeus Daggett
P3 Youth Referral Form
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One of the great partnerships P3 has made is with Mentoring for Success, a statewide initiative that delivers mentoring services to help offenders safely and successfully return to their communities. A few of our P3 coaches have spent time with young people who are incarcerated with the hope that a strong relationship with someone who cares will give him/her the highest chance at success when they are released. One of those relationships has been between P3 coach Nate Davis and young man named Isaiah. After getting to know each other pretty well through several months of weekly phone calls, Isaiah was released in November on parole.

Immediately, Isaiah was faced with a very difficult series of family circumstances, and within just a few weeks of his newfound freedom his future began to look pretty grim. “I don’t think I can make it out here!” he exclaimed to Nate one day. Through his relationship with Nate, and his involvement in P3, Isaiah began to utilize the help and encouragement that he so desperately needed, and things have been looking better every day. Isaiah has impressed all of us with his determination to succeed and his commitment to be a good father to his children. He has even enrolled in classes at a local college! Isaiah’s future is looking bright and we look forward to what’s next. 




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