5 Reasons to Be a Big

  1. Make a difference: Giving a few hours of dedicated, one-to-one time as a Big allows you to see first-hand the difference you’re making in a youth’s life and your community.
  2. It’s fun: Go out for a treat courtesy of our available match discounts or choose free activities you and your Little will enjoy. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Friendship: Ask any of our Bigs and they will say they feel they benefit from the match just as much as their Little. Many form a special bond and friendship that spans far beyond our program.
  4. Community: From your assigned Match Support Specialist, our FREE Bigs App, free match activities, to opportunities to connect with other Bigs, rest assured there’s a village to support your match!
  5. Return on Investment: Your time investment as a Big has a proven significant, positive, and long-lasting impact on not only your Little, but also your community.