Big FAQs

What does it mean to be a Big?
  • As a Big, your role is as a supportive, encouraging friend that your Little can look forward to spending time with, in a community-based or site-based match.
  • Community-Based matches meet a few hours a month doing everyday activities such as going to the park, playing games, watching movies, cooking, arts & crafts, or just hanging out. You're never obligated to spend money on activities. In fact, we encourage you to include your Little in your normal daily routine.
  • Site-based matches meet during the school year over the Little’s lunchtime. For 30-40 minutes once a week, a Big will visit their Little at school and spend one-on-one time eating, playing games, doing homework or talking.
What are my obligations as a Big?

Your Match Support Specialist will provide details, as rules differ with different match types, but in general your commitment is a few hours of your time a month as a positive, encouraging, and supportive friend to a youth near you.

Bigs Must:

  • Commit to being a mentor for a minimum of one year
  • Follow ground rules and safety guidelines
  • Stay in touch with your MSS
  • Report any issues or concerns
What will my Little “look like”?

A Little is a local youth enrolled in our program with a bright future who is facing a challenge in life. Of the youth we serve:

  • 33% live or have lived outside the home
  • 85% have a household income at or below poverty
  • 43% report some type of abuseathome
  • 56% report problems at school
  • 56% have at least one family member who’s had contact with law enforcement
What is the process to become a Big?

Step 1: Submit a volunteer inquiry


Step 2: Attend a 15-minute info session virtually or in person to learn about the youth we serve, our match options, and what a Big does

Step 3: Complete volunteer enrollment process (paperwork, interview, and home visit*) *Home visits for community-based Bigs only

Step 4: Choose your Little! BBBS staff will present information about youth who are a best-fit match for you based on personality and common interests.

Step 5: Meet your match & let the fun begin!

Why is there a one - year commitment to be a Big?
It takes time to develop trust in a relationship. At times, youth facing life’s challenges have many variables in their lives, including less than ideal experiences with adults in their lives. Our goal is to provide a steady, reliable, patient role model who can be a supportive friend in their life. Many Bigs find a friendship that easily spans years, or in some cases, a lifetime!
How much time do I have to spend with my Little?
The time you spend with your Little is up to you! A community-based match allows you to hang out with your Little out in the community or at your home flexible to your schedule for a few hours a month. A site-based match at the youth’s school is once a week for 30-40 minutes over their lunch break.
What support is provided to our match?
As a match, you will be assigned a local Match Support Specialist who will check in regularly with both Big and Little to provide assistance, feedback, and support. Your MSS can help come up with ideas for match activities, provide insight about your Little, offer resources to you and/or Little’s family, and more. Consider them your on-call support system!
Who determines the Little I’m matched with?
It’s a team effort! Our Match Support Specialists use a best-fit match process, taking your personality, interests, and location into account and select up to three Littles who have similar interests to you. From there, you'll have the opportunity to read about each youth and choose the one who feels like the best match for you.
How long should our match last?
We ask our Bigs to commit to being a mentor for a year, but once they get to know their Little, they want to be friends much longer and in many cases, for life!
What if our match doesn’t work?
At KSBBBS, we do everything we can to ensure a successful match including interviews of both our Bigs and Littles to learn personalities, interests, etc. However, a match may end because of external factors such as moving out of state, illness, or other situations that arise. Your MSS will work hard to mediate, but if all possibilities are exhausted, we will close the match. This is why our one year commitment should be seriously considered to avoid creating disappointment or affect the well-being of our Littles.
How many youth does KSBBBS you serve?
Thanks to our generous donors and volunteers, we serve nearly 1,800 youth across Kansas at no cost to families.
How do I refer someone to become a Big?

We’re always looking for volunteer recommendations! If you’d like to refer a Big, simply click below to complete your referral.

What is the “Bigs App”?
Our Bigs App is a FREE platform designed as a space for Kansas Bigs to connect with other Bigs, browse content, share about their match, and have instant access to KSBBBS news and resources. When you sign up as a Big, your MSS will walk you through signing up!
How can I support Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters if I’m not ready to be a Big yet?

If you are unable to give your time as a mentor, you can support KSBBBS by giving a one-time or monthly donation. Our program is completely free to the families we serve, so financial contributions allow us to match more youth to a mentor for transformational change.


Finally, advocate for KSBBBS and the youth we serve by help spreading the word about our program! Refer people you know to become a Big or donor, tell your family and friends about our program, and follow us on social media!

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