Enroll a Youth

No one loves and understands your child more than you. Often, unanticipated situations can create family challenges difficult to handle alone. Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters exists as a no-cost partner to you, matching your child with a local, caring, adult mentor who will spend dedicated one-to-one time with them in the community or at school as a supportive friend.

Helping your child realize their potential is our goal!



Impact & Outcomes

Our caring, professional Match Support Specialists get to know our volunteers and youth beginning with initial enrollment, then create a best-fit match based on personality and common interests, and support each match for long-lasting friendships.

Your dedicated MSS will also work with your child to set goals and provide training and resources needed for their Big to help them achieve that goal.


How can a mentor benefit your child?
  • Help them build self-esteem and confidence
  • Encourage them academically
  • Be a supportive friend to listen and offer guidance
  • Assist in developing healthy behaviors


Ready to enroll a child in our program? Here’s how:

Step 1: Complete enrollment form
Step 2: Meet your Match Support Specialist
Your youth will have a dedicated Match Support Specialist who will schedule a visit to get to know you and your child. Your MSS will also provide support to the match once established.
Step 3: Meet your Match
After learning about your child, your MSS will find a Big to match with them based on personality, interests, and location. Once they find a best-fit match, a meeting will be scheduled for your youth to meet their mentor!
Step 4: Partnership with KSBBBS

Once your match is established, it is important to continue communication with your MSS to ensure a solid partnership in helping your child achieve their goals.

We welcome participants regardless of age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, veteran, or marital status. Should you feel that you have been discriminated against, please contact: Discrimination Complaints, Chief Operations Officer, at 316.263-.3300.