Enroll Your Youth

As parents, we all want what is in the very best interests of our children – their happiness and health, as well as strong, bright futures. But sometimes, life presents unexpected challenges that are often out of our control and it feels like these challenges could make our hopes and dreams for our kids difficult.

Times like these are when KSBBBS is an excellent resource for your family. We provide one-to-one adult mentors for your child(ren) and these mentors are an extra person outside of your household who invest time in them and encourage them in their education, healthy behaviors, and choices.

By signing up your youth today, you are helping to develop their goals and encouraging them to succeed.

And thanks to our generous donors and volunteers, KSBBBS serves nearly 3,000 youth  annually (5 to 17 years old with the option to remain matched through young adulthood) at no cost to the families.

Testimony from a Youth's Parent
Marcus McDowel_Enrolled Feb 2019_KN.jpg

BIG Impact

Our caring and well-trained case managers (Match Support Specialists) enroll every potential volunteer and every youth to provide a best fit match that we hope results in a long relationship for the very strongest of outcomes.  These case managers set goals with the youth and are the relationship broker working with the youth, the families, and our mentors to support, train, and provide resources as needed.

Harris Interactive conducted an independent study, working with FORMER Littles who are now adults.  This is the BIG impact we make:

  • 46% report a household income of OVER $75K

  • 78% vote in elections

  • 90% report that their mentor made them feel better about themselves

  • 76% learned right from wrong from their mentor

  • Over half said that their mentor kept them from dropping out of high school

Steps to Enroll

  1. Click the "Enroll Your Youth" Button.
    After completing the form, a KSBBBS representative will follow up with you within 5 business days or you can contact your local office.

  2. ​Meet Your Match Support Specialist (MSS).
    Every youth receives a KSBBBS employed specialist to help find them a Mentor! Once a youth is matched, the MSS will provide support to the match. 

  3. ​Meet Your Youth's Mentor.
    All of our matches are based on personality, interests, and location. Once a mentor meets these criteria for your youth, a match is formed and the mentoring relationship begins. 


We welcome participants regardless of age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, veteran, or marital status.  Should you feel that you have been discriminated against, please contact: Discrimination Complaints, Chief Operations Officer, at 316-263-3300.