Match Options

Choose Your Match

Our Littles are waiting for a Big like YOU. We welcome mentors from all walks of life and have designed flexible match options to fit any schedule.




Community-based mentors may participate in a one-to-one match as an individual, couple, or entire family, hanging out in the community with their Little.

These matches plan time together doing activities they enjoy for a few hours a month like going to the park, grabbing a burger, swimming at the Y, or streaming a movie.

We encourage community-based Bigs to plan low or no-cost activities, as well as use their match discount card to take advantage of special offers and experiences available in their area.



Site-based Bigs are matched as individuals to a Little at a school near their workplace or home. Visits take place during the school year once a week, usually on the same day, over the lunch hour.

During their time together, matches eat lunch, play games, read, or talk. This match is perfect for mentors who can step away from work to grab lunch with a youth for 30-45 minutes a week.