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10 Questions with Grant Writer, Holly Laird

1. How long have you been at KSBBBS? 16 years (2001-2009 and 2015-present) 2. What’s your favorite part of your job? I really enjoy all the skills required for grants, including attention to detail, creativity, critical thinking, and collaborating with co...

Posted by Lauren Jones at March 03, 2023

Miss Kansas: How Mentorship Changed My Life

Second grade was a pivotal year in my life as a child. I was experiencing neglect at home and although I did not understand the severity of my environment, my teacher did. Mrs. Bartholomay impacted me far more than an ordinary teacher. She recognized my struggles and...

Posted by Ellis County at March 02, 2023

Kansas Recommended Reading List

Not only does reading together help build confidence and knowledge, but also strengthens the bond between the reader and listener. This National Reading Month, check out this recommended reading list and fun reading-related activity ideas! AGES 5-8 Books on Self...

Posted by Lauren Jones at March 02, 2023

Big Spotlight: Erynn Kuehl

Check out our Big Spotlight featuring Shawnee Co. Big, Erynn Kuehl! She has been matched with Maria since October 2021.   What do you love most about being a Big? I love getting to know my Little, Maria, better every time we are together. She is so thoughtf...

Posted by Shawnee County at February 28, 2023

Waiting Little Spotlight: Joe

We caught up with Douglas County Waiting Little, Joe, to learn more about his hopes, dreams, and ideal Big! What would you want to do with your Big? I love to play sports and video games. I especially enjoy football and basketball! What do you think is most sp...

Posted by Douglas County at February 03, 2023

Meet Annie & Kalees

Big Sister Annie and Little Sister Kalees have been matched since February 2022 and are one of Riley County’s site-based matches. Kalees and Annie meet once a week during the school year at Kalees school and Kalees loves that they get to decorate ornaments...

Posted by Riley County at January 27, 2023

Meet Jordan & Lakeya

Big Jordan matched with Little Lakeya in Cowly County at the start of 4th grade in 2019. Lakeya is now in 7th grade and participating in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Lakeya is a spitfire and Jordan has been with her through all her ups and downs. ...

Posted by Cowley County at January 26, 2023

Mentors helping steer local youth

“Brody is my friend, and I look forward to every week that I can spend time with him and catch up,” said Arkansas City Police Chief Eric Burr.   View KSN Article

Posted by Lauren Jones at January 26, 2023

Meet Michael & The Roa Family

Little Michael has been matched with his Big Family, Trevor, Tara, Trayton, and Jaysa Roa, since June 2022 in Ellis County. While most youth at KSBBBS experience mentorship with one Big, Michael was so excited to learn he was going to have four Bigs in the Roa f...

Posted by Ellis County at January 23, 2023

Meet Junior, Bob, & Laura

Junior has been matched with Laura and Bob in Douglas County since April 2021. “We really enjoy being matched with Junior,” said Bob and Laura. “It has been great to see him change over this past year from shy, quiet and cautious to a more outgoing...

Posted by Douglas County at January 13, 2023