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Big Spotlight: Erynn Kuehl

Check out our Big Spotlight featuring Shawnee Co. Big, Erynn Kuehl! She has been matched with Maria since October 2021.


What do you love most about being a Big?

I love getting to know my Little, Maria, better every time we are together. She is so thoughtful and confident — I’m never quite sure where our conversation will go during our activities. Maria inspires me to think bigger and entertain new ideas!


What is your favorite match activity you have done together?

Maria and I spend a lot of time at my house cooking or baking. I think our favorite item we’ve cooked so far has been sushi! I was so nervous it wouldn’t turn out but we both agree it was one of the best things we’ve made. 


Have you guys developed any traditions?

I wouldn’t say we have traditions per se; however, we have developed a set of activities we generally enjoy — cooking, baking, playing games, and movie nights!


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your Little since being matched? 

As time has passed I have noticed Maria become more open with me about her thoughts and interests which has helped me understand her better and know the kinds of questions to be asking her.


What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new Big or someone considering becoming a Big?

Some people think kids/youth are intimidating or hard to understand but I think more than anything they just want someone who will be there for them and who will be curious about who they are. They can teach you just as much as you can teach them; you just have to stay engaged and listen. Spending time with Maria is one of the highlights of the month. If you are considering becoming a Big, I’d say go for it! 


What would you say are the keys to success for being a Big?

I answered this a bit above but I would say a successful Big is curious, engaged, and supportive of their Little! 


What is one thing you hope your Little learns from you?

I hope my Little learns to try new things without fear of failure and to dream without limitation!