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Big Spotlight: Robby Jeffries

Check out our #BigSpotlight featuring Douglas Co. Big, Robby Jeffries! He has been matched with Kai for over 2 years!

What do you love most about being a Big?

I really enjoy the companionship you develop. I am a kid at heart and get to play to that part of me when hanging out with Kai.

What is your favorite match activity you have done together?

Kai and I attended a Monarch's baseball game and he had an absolute BLAST. He tried extremely hard to get on camera for 8 straight innings and finally succeeded in the middle of the 8th. We had some ice cream, he caught some free peanuts, we saw a lot of home runs, and he even got a foul ball.

Have you guys developed any traditions?

We love to listen to electronic music with big drops whenever we are in the car. Slim Chicken's is a staple, if we are grabbing dinner together. A jumping high five when I drop him off back home has gotten more difficult as he catches me in height. I'll have to get more creative with the last one as he continues to grow.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your Little since being matched?

He has become more organized in his thoughts and expressing his emotions in a healthy way. He has always been a kid with a heart the size of Texas but he has now experienced new things and isn't afraid to tell me what he likes and what he doesn't.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new Big or someone considering becoming a Big?

Don't stress about time commitment. For so many reasons. First, you will look forward to the time where you can escape the stress of work and the constant adult chores we all have to do. Hanging out with your Little gives you an opportunity to do things you would never take the time to do if you weren't a Big. Secondly, a few hours a month is such a low time commitment. Once you get into a routine with the family, it really doesn't matter what you do. You're going to have fun and you both will cherish the time. Finally, you won't always realize it, but you get just as much out of the program as the Little does.

What would you say are the keys to success for being a Big?

Be patient. Be open to doing new things. Kids are all over the place sometimes. Doing one thing then wanting to do another. Just go with it. One time, Kai wanted to go into a bank. I said, "Why do you want to go into a bank?". He said, "Just to look around." So, we went into a bank and looked around.

What is one thing you hope your Little learns from you?

I hope he learns that you can always be goofy, even at age 29. Even at age 49 or 69. Kids get a lot of pressure put on them academically, athletically, and through various extra curriculars. Have fun throughout life.

Thank you for being a great mentor and friend, Robby! To learn more about becoming a volunteer mentor (Big), click ,here.