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Meet Isobel & Izzy

Check out our November Match of the Month featuring Douglas Co. Big, Isobel, and Little, Izzy! They have been matched 2 years and instantly bonded over art and making jewelry. 


What were you nervous or worried about prior to meeting for the first time?

Isobel: I was nervous about what interest(s) they would have and how well that would fit and mesh together with my own. But, we have no issues finding stuff to do!

Izzy: Sometimes I can be a little awkward. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to connect with her.  


What was your first impression of each other?

Isobel: She was quiet at first and that made me nervous. But, I think we both kind of realized at some point that we were both just as nervous of each other.

Izzy: I agree!


What is your favorite thing about each other?

Isobel: I like how creative Izzy is. I introduced her to jewelry making and knitting. But, she also does crocheting and draws. Izzy is really good at drawing! She makes me think outside of the box.

Izzy: My favorite thing about Isobel is how open minded she could be. She can see both sides of the same situation.


What has been your favorite match outing/activity so far?

Isobel: We went to Dave and Busters once and that was fun!

Izzy: I think mine is the first time we hung out and went down Mass Street. It was cold and dark. But, it was the first time we actually hung out window shopping. Our favorite shop is Wonder Fair!


What is one thing you guys have learned from each other?

Isobel: I've learned to also be open minded, but in a different way. I have never been into ramen places or tried Boba Tea, which she introduced me to! 

Izzy: I have learned to be more open minded.


What would you tell a potential Big/Little considering joining the program?

Isobel: I would tell a Big that’s unsure about joining that it can be more rewarding then they think. I feel like I learned more about her than I thought I would and more about myself too. Both Big and Little can benefit from a match!

Izzy: I don’t really think there is a reason not too, I don’t think there is any down side to it.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Izzy: I want to open own my own arts store like Wonder Fair and move to San Francisco.

Did you originally have hesitation about becoming a Big? If so, what was it and how has that view changed since being matched?

Isobel: I am a student at KU and worried about managing my schedule. Once I committed to being matched, it has helped me look forward to the match.