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Meet Jason & Wyatt

Jason and Wyatt were matched in 2021 through KSBBBS' community-based program in Riley County. Since they've been matched, the pair have built a strong connection and learned from each other.  

"You know they are going to be there to talk if you need to talk. Jason is nice, caring, and a good Big." said Wyatt. "I enjoy meeting with him and waiting to see him again."

 Jason, who is also an insurance agent in Manhattan, said he decided to become a Big to make an impact in someone's life and have fun together. "My favorite part is learning what is going on in his world. I felt like I always learn different perspectives from Wyatt."

The two enjoy seeing each other a couple times a month to talk about life, work, eat, or go on adventures around Manhattan together. Jason & Wyatt's match has become a strong foundation for a lasting friendship that has changed their lives for the better, forever.

"Since his match with Jason, I have seen Wyatt's confidence grow. Wyatt has always had a heart for helping others and I have also seen this part of him grow," said Wyatt's grandmother.