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Meet Jordan & Lakeya

Big Jordan matched with Little Lakeya in Cowly County at the start of 4th grade in 2019. Lakeya is now in 7th grade and participating in volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Lakeya is a spitfire and Jordan has been with her through all her ups and downs. She celebrates all her achievements along the way. Jordan encourages her to be “classy not sassy”, along with talking with her about her choices. According to Lakeya, Jordan has terrible “dad jokes”. 

Lakeya says, “Jordan means everything to me. On a scale of 1-10, she’s a million. The only thing I’d change about our match is her dad jokes. They’re so annoyingly bad.”

Jordan and Lakeya attend every match activity that their schedules allow. Lakeya is always willing to help set up, take down or interact with the other Littles. We believe Jordan’s willingness to always help and be active has a lot to do with that.

LaKeya’s mom, Erin, says “Jordan has done amazing with Lakeya when she's had issues at school or home life. She's always been one Lakeya can talk to and Lakeya has always been so comfortable with Jordan. Her face lights up when she sees her. Jordan makes extra time to attend her sports activities and she's got a big spot in Lakeya’s heart. They do amazing together.” 

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