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Meet Junior, Bob, & Laura

Junior has been matched with Laura and Bob in Douglas County since April 2021.

“We really enjoy being matched with Junior,” said Bob and Laura. “It has been great to see him change over this past year from shy, quiet and cautious to a more outgoing and funny kid who enjoys so many new experiences. We are lucky to get to know him!” 

They enjoy attending match activities through KSBBBS, such as Kansas Jayhawk games, arts & crafts event, holiday parties, and museum visits. Bob and Laura have introduced Junior to many new experiences such as fishing, different cultures, and nature.

Since Junior doesn’t love physical activity, Bob and Laura have found enjoyable ways to increase his activity level. 

Humor is a big part of Bob and Laura’s relationship, and Junior has learned to get in on the fun. He enjoys joking around about Laura’s driving skills.

Junior’s mother, Rufina, says, “Thanks to them he shows respect to his siblings and has learned good manners. He has been a lot happier, as well. I want to tell them thank you for your help and support. Bob and Laura are very good people and are like a second family for Junior."

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