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Meet Michael & The Roa Family

Little Michael has been matched with his Big Family, Trevor, Tara, Trayton, and Jaysa Roa, since June 2022 in Ellis County. While most youth at KSBBBS experience mentorship with one Big, Michael was so excited to learn he was going to have four Bigs in the Roa family.

Trevor and Tara decided Big Brothers Big Sisters would be a great way to get their family involved and to build a friendship with someone in the community.

“We became a Big because our kids always wanted a little brother, but that was not going to happen, so this works out great. We get to do fun activities as a family with our Little and hope we are making an impact in his life as well. He sure has on us. We definitely recommend this to other families. It is so much fun. This has been rewarding in so many ways. Micheal has been a huge blessing to our family,” says the Roa family.

This match loves to do it all: laser tag, pumpkin carving, car shows, frisbee golf, rollerblading, and so much more! But, they really enjoy playing sports and games at the Bigs’ home.

Deanna, Michael’s grandma, says that since he's been matched, she's seen changes in Michael. “Michael has made huge improvements in school since being matched with his Bigs and hanging out with them helps relieve Michael’s stress that he may carry.”

You can become a life-changing mentor like the Roa family by getting started here.