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Ringing in 2023 with National Mentoring Month

For many, the new year marks a fresh start and new goals. For KSBBBS, a new year means creating more opportunity for our youth so they may realize and achieve their goals.

January is National Mentoring Month — a time recognize the importance of mentorship and the lasting connections our Bigs and Littles build together.

Little Sister Macy has been matched to her Big Sister, Anne, in Ellis County for 5 years and says her favorite thing about being matched is having someone to look up to. “I have grown up a lot and Anne has helped walk me through that. She’s always been there to talk. There have been a lot of things that happened over five years and it helps just being able to talk to her.”

Each year, it’s rewarding to see the connections our matches develop and the ways it helps youth like Macy grow. Our program has proven that one-to-one time spent with a mentor has a significant impact on the youth we serve. In fact, youth who have a Big do better in school, have better relationships, and are less likely to engage in risky behavior.

These relationships not only have a long-lasting, positive effect on our youth but also our mentors.

Big, Brad, has been matched to Little, Johnny, for a year in Crawford County and says, “Since I have become a Big, I think for myself personally, it’s a top 10 life thing. Getting matched to a little guy, teaching him life…besides getting married and having kids and grandkids, it’s top 10.”

Tate, Big to Declan in Sedgwick County says he’s learned a lot in his first year as a mentor.

“It’s about making a human connection,” he explained. ”Declan is super easy to be around—we just have so much fun. Being a Big has made my life feel a lot more full and exciting because he’s a part of it now.”

We want to thank our 1,800+ volunteer Bigs across Kansas who together invest 100,000+ hours annually as a supportive friend to their Little.

Join us by making it your New Years resolution to help create opportunity for KSBBBS youth!

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