Top 10 Things to Know About Becoming a Big

  1. Everyone has the life experience to be a Big. We provide you with the tools and training you need throughout your match, but there are no special skills required to be a consistent, supportive friend in the life of a youth.
  2. We ask our Bigs to volunteer for a minimum of 1 year. Research shows that youth matched for over a year are more likely to stay in school and avoid risky behavior. In fact, the average length our matches last is 35.8 months, which speaks to the important and lasting bonds our matches build that help youth realize their potential.
  3. Volunteering as a Big takes a few hours a month. Consider the amount of time you’d like to spend as a community-based Big or site-based (school) Big. Do you prefer few hours on your time each month or once a week at a youth’s school during your lunch break?
  4. There are different types of community-based Bigs. You may choose to mentor a Little as an individual, couple, or include the whole family! 
  5. We create best-fit matches. Our staff will get to know you, your personality, interests, and location to select up to three Littles with common interests and traits who would be a good fit for you. Then, YOU choose your Little!
  6. All matches are case-managed. Each match is assigned a dedicated, professional case manager, aka Match Support Specialist, who supports the Big, Little, and their family with guidance and resources.
  7. KSBBBS offers match discounts and free match activities throughout the year. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a Match Discount card! Check out discounts in your area and join the Bigs App for the latest free events i your area!
  8. We currently have over 1,000 youth waiting for a Big and we are always accepting referrals. Know someone who has a Big heart? Refer them to us. We even offer prizes for Bigs who refer new Bigs!
  9. Becoming a Big is really about being a supportive, encouraging friend that a Little can talk to and spend dedicated time with. Those simple acts are truly life-changing for our youth.
  10. From start to finish, your enrollment could take up to 30 days. We do this to ensure we’re creating a successful match, so you and your Little will hit it off and become life long friends.